This app is for everyone who needs a little extra help in sending out those special occasion texts and emails that you just don't seem to get sent on the day they should be.  Sure its simple to just send a text but with life being so busy we somehow manage to put it off until its too late.  This app lets you compose that special message when you have time to think about it and get it ready in advance of when it needs to be sent.  Then at the time you have picked all you have to do is press send.  It even can be set to send the message again same time next year, giving you a whole year to craft the next special message.

For less important messages you can think of preTexting as a reminder for other people.  Need to remind that tenant of yours to pay the rent?  Schedule a monthly reminder and all you need to do is press send.  Like to run with your friend every Tuesday evening, use the weekly schedule to send them a reminder.  Want to bug someone every day?  Yes, the daily repeat will help you be a real pest.

Now if you are one of those people who is on top of everything, then this is NOT an app for you.  However, if you are like me, putting off things to the last minute, preTexting can help you get one step closer to being on time.

Ready for more information, this link provides details.

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